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by Tim015

I don't know what went wrong:D So hilarious! Critique now. It is very nice to see such clear vectors Altough Ditzy Do aka Derpy Hooves i...

by 90Sigma

This is a very nice comic. The two Princesses when they where younger. Princess Luna herein has a simelairity towards Scootaloo, small ...

Yes I see where this is going:D Your right Spike is fun to draw too I can see now. The Equestria Girls/MLP art get's shape:D Now Spike ca...

Oehhhww this looks CUTE! MEW! Okay critique now, the sharp style of drawing is a pretty good way to get this pose get out shiny. I mean...

by Neko-me

Fluttershy.. hmm.. I don't klnow what to say.... Well here I start. *grasp for air* The shades are wonderfully done so the fabric is li...

The description is impressive as well. As seen in the background you did let it look like a dreamy outcome, which I like:D Highlighted t...

Dear visitors, please read my ID first, for thoose who not 'know' me yet thank you :D
I do :love: S4 E21 episode,... SO ME!!! Funny Rainbow Dash!
  Urine Trouble Now by T-3000 I have to :pee:…

The barrel princess by zlack3r
so that's what happend....
Learning to fly by vangir she will:D or else...
big bro will help :sprint:
Twilight Sparkle and the Alicorn Calibration Test by dm29
MLP: Reinflak's Joke (Vector) by SrMario  hmm a joke...
They blew it all up! by Stinkehund
so that was the joke!:D

Well in S3E13 she didn't changer her own OR Princess Celestia her cutiemark.. :D THAT would be a disater!
also Spike says here probily....

MLP:FiM S02E06 20:32 Vector by Sueroski
no your not on the list invite Twili her day...sorry.
Sad day...-Apple Bloom vector 1 by CommyPink… want a cutie mark now...why ain't we invited...
We could again just be...
Cutie Mark Crusaders as Flower Fillies by…
Cutie Mark Crusaders - Vector by…
mabe next season we.. can ...have... our...
Cutie Mark Crusaders on a Mission by…

Suspicious Fluttershy by exe2001…

she didn't get it:D

Until season 3! by… or say new title.. UNTIL SEASON 4!
I'm sorry everyone - From Derpy by… 25th Feb DERPYDAY!

Sun-Mare Raisins by…

 E-mail; RainbowDashWonderboltFan@Canterlot.eq

What's taking them so long? by hinootora…


I am SO 24/7 MLP XD!

Yes a fresh new twist in the story! XD As far I know MLP is the only animation thinghy which 'lives' I mean there is like no show the same.

Did you also mention the style of the ponies:? (Confused) It seems like they all 'grow' up!!! Look closely to the ponies and you see what I mean! Twili get s tiny bit bigger ans so on! Just watch!!idk if other ppl did see thoose little details;) (Wink) This is why I Love MLP!!!

I Just Love Daring Do by WhiteDove-Creations…

So cute!



And that conclusion on the end... I think I've fainted. SO AWSOME TRUTH!! Friendship IS NEVER bound to material needs...(Elements) merely the friendship itself is beyond such falsely illusionary possesions;) (Wink) I Love thoose ponie-tales A LOT!!!   

Yes season final end song is my fav at the moment soooo true! now we can be in hybernation until season 5 in well fall...

I wonder 6 more seasons planned... how long I mean can the fandom be alive until than...:?


WonderboltfanRainbow's Profile Picture
Wonderboltfan Rainbowdash
The Best RAINBOWDASH ever!:D
Rainbow by…… GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!…
My icon has a story....
if you remember the episode when Rainbowdashie get's this look you will know:D
This is why i :love: the song of episode 13 of Season 3 "a true true friend"

:thumb195341003: :thumb213852225: : Eeyup by Guinnygirl
Sonic Rainboom stamp by AmberApple .SoarinDash. by Mn27 Rainbow Dash x Soarin Stamp by moonprincessluna
:thumb303390254: Derpy Hooves is Shit Stamp by Cuddlepug
listens… :squee:!

!!!!!!!!!!!ALL READ BEFORE COMMENT MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:squee:

Internet is so random:D
you never know who where or what you will end up with:D or :(
can't get that song out of my head now LOL it's so cute!

lyrics refrine;

We're Apples forever,

Apples together,

we're family and so much more,

no matter what comes

we will face the weather ,

we're Apples to the core!


so I end up with PONIES :squee:

I :love: the MLP just
NOTE: IRL I am different THIS is my HOBBY and fan fun NO WAY I am a pony IRL DUUHHHHH DERP!!!! Cossplay & roleplay is way difficult for me I lose myself I suppose :(DERP!


So please remind that if you talk to me I :love: most of all your art and can talk... just be creative is my motto,
help&ask for help is okay as long it concerns improvement of create things:D
I am a fan.. 24/7 MLP FiM but if it goes about ppl... I am a xenofoob and kinda not want to talk MLP only... or is hard to set apart/discriminate, I mean in gender or age online, which i don't. I am aware MLP IS kinda for 'special' audience LOL ^_^;; but I :love: it too! like in the bronies documentary , please watch the whole DVD, it is true.. MLP FiM the lessons are not binded for gender or age. Nowasays ppl are violent in so manny ways. Which is a treath to all at the end. So I stick with ponies and the lessons :D
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like this wonderfull speech it is true.. humans are sad creatures and cruel in many ways... the Equestria way is a better world! IKR magical pixie-horse, altough it is friendship, not love! Love is Always conditional, friendship is magic, it stays forever, love just fades away when there isn't a degree of satisfaction! A friend you Always can depend on, a lover wants a friend gives!

Friendship is magic…: BEST SONG EVER!
01010010 01100001 01101001 01101110 01100010 01101111 01110111 00100000 01000100 01100001 01110011 01101000 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100010 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110000 01101111 01101110 01111001 I think that was correct:D it is Binary code and what you just said in numbers means Rainbow Dash is best pony

--------------- Lyrics --------------
The fire of friendship lives in our hearts,
As long as it burns we cannot drift apart.
Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few,
Laughter and singing will see us through.

The times we've spent together as one,
How wondrous they've been, since our peace has begun.
We are a circle of pony friends,
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end.

This winter's eve let's love and forgive,
Strong bonds we must forge, strong lives we must live.
Our pasts we'll not let hinder this night,
With each barrier crossed, how our passion grows bright.

The fire of friendship lives in our hearts,
As long as it burns we cannot drift apart.
Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few,
Laughter and singing will see us through.

The times we've spent together as one,
How wondrous they've been, since our peace has begun.
We are a circle of pony friends,
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end.

Equestria Girls proved this!
Ponyfans... Equestria Girls is a part of MLP, if you skip it you might miss the point of ALL the Season (91:?)episodes...aswel the totall review of FOUR generations Pony series.
Believe me Hasbro and MLP crew realy did put so much effort into this ove, ALL little details of previous episodes and seasons awell generations ARE included if you look closer. Also they do mke strong hints what the final season 4 wil look like!

Do not feel sad, the ponies WILL STAY PONIES! More I do not spoil for you all:D

Please be mild to Hasbro crew.. some ppl where that hard that some crew ppl find it hard to carry on!
Remember the real Lessons of MLP FiM and take them to your heart! Real Life is already being poisened by hate and greed....:(

Update just before you ever try to Judge me :P which almos everypony does;
Am I spoiled:? NO...
Why you collect so much ponies:? Because I can!
Isn't there another way to spend your time and money:? Why should I:P
Will you ever stop with MLP:? Nope:D
Are you rich:? Nope :< I am officially BROKE:P

There are many ways to spend $&time:P for me ;
I don't go on vacation, cuz I can't!
I do not spend $$ on fashion.
I don't spend $$ on bad habits as drugs or other BLA!
I am highly alergic for a lot of things include animal-protiene, so strickly vegan (well most of the time :P) so not spend $$ on meat/fish/eggs and even weath, soja and peaunuts I am alergic too ,so not much to buy:(
Not much of a family spender.
Not go out to diner DUH!
Not have driving licence or a car :P that a LOT of $$$$$$
Am little nervouse/xenofoob to meet ppl IRL. Means not spend $$ on travel and meet&greed!
I do grow let say 75% of my own food! YAY!
I do have solar energy XD!

IF YOU ARE SMART.. you can calculate I do have lot of $$ leftover to spend on Ponies!:D :squee: Why:/ well DUH!!! I do not like to spend it on guns, seks, drugs & rock.n roll :P LOL!!!!!!


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Nice work
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Your B-day is in 7 days

Jest tell me:
* The Number of Layer(s)?
* what Color is the BackGround?
by default, it will have 7 Candles, each one a different-color, on the top layer.
* what Color(s) is the Cake?

if you want Icing/Frosting on the cake, and what Color(s)?
if you want some Sprinkles, and what Color(s)?
if you want "(Happy B-day)", "(Your Deviant-Art name)" or other-thing you want me to write on your cake, and what Color?
* your Deviant-Name or your NickName

And I will make it!

Please answer you order like this:
Layers: ___;
BackGround: ___;
Candles: 7: Multicolor: top layer;
Cake: ___;
Icing/Frosting: ___;
Sprinkles: ___;
Text: ___: ___;

p.s. It cast only one "(Cake Badge)"!
If not, I'll do it for FREE ! 

P.S. PLEASE tell me if you DON'T want a CAKEPLEASE.

P.s. For the 
Specific ColorShadeplease say the Hexidecimal-Codes of the ColorShade that you want.…

p.s. If you don’t want one of the choice on your cake, don’t write it, and specify if you want Your-Name on the cake!

p.s. If you want, you can tell me the Tipe that you want.…
BUT, if you do, please tell me Which & Where do you want the Tipe to be (which part of the Cake that you want, all of the image or jest the ...)
and tell me that Color of the Tipe, & the BackGround Color (for example, the ones in the link, Black is the Color of the Tipe, & White is the Color of the BackGround)
WonderboltfanRainbow Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
:party: this is fun!
Layers: 3
Background: multicolor
Cake: as in cake!?Rainbowdash colors!Her tail ones XD
Icing/Frosting: Rainbowsach colors, as her mane ones XD
Sprinkles: white
Text: Wonderboltfan Rainbow Dash
NicLove Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BackGround: Multicolor; What do you mean ? and how do you want it ?

CakeRainbowDash's Tail;
Icing/Frosting RainbowDash's Mane;
How about, the Top part of her Mane as the the Icing/Frosting
and the Bottom part of her Mane as the Cake ?

Text: (Wonderboltfan) (Rainbow) (Dash): What color ?;

p.s. the CakeBadge, is when I give the cake 2 you
WonderboltfanRainbow Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Be creative! Let it be a suprise;) lol cake badge XD
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number) of hugs to be truly loved, all you need is ONE person to show
their appreciation for you to know that you are beautiful and of amazing
worth! I just want you to know that no matter what, you are important
to me, you deserve a smile on your face, and happiness in your heart.
Have a very, very splendid day/night wherever you are!
love emote by snorasaurus :allyouneedislove: by stuck-in-suburbia :thatssocute: by stuck-in-suburbia :lovesquee: by stuck-in-suburbia Hug a heart by Colorcatcher ~Bailey, just a random friend!
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